Spring Avenue Reconstruction

It is widely known that Bellefontaine is home to the states first concrete street. Needless to say, they are believers in the quality and durability that concrete provides in contrast to asphalt. Subsequently, when a section of Spring street failed they elected to design a new street made of concrete.

Newcomer Concrete Services partnered with Terra Valley Excavating in building this new street early 2010. The method to build the street was to slip the curbs and build the mainline paving with a Morrison vibrating screed. The remainder of the project included driveways, curb ramps, and sidewalk repair.

Bellefontaine’s in-house engineering team determined that the pavement would be best suited to have 98 pound galvanized mesh, which is a rarity for exterior concrete paving in Ohio. Upon completion City officials were complimentary of the quality and professionalism demonstrated by NCS employees and remarked that concrete streets would continue to be the norm, rather then the exception in Bellefontaine.