History of Newcomer Concrete


Newcomer Concrete Services, Incorporated was founded in 1980 by William and Marjorie Newcomer. A site concrete sub-contractor, we focused on curbing, sidewalks, and pavement. Focused on northern Ohio, we concentrated on residential, municipal, and small commercial sites. Throughout the 1980s, we grew steadily in volume and employees. We incorporated curb machines into our operations, increased our geographical coverage of Ohio, and started building larger concrete projects. As we grew, we realized the opportunity that Columbus, Ohio presented. Creating an immediate presence, we opened the Columbus office in 1989.

NCS experienced significant growth throughout the 1990s to coincide with the expanding economy. After securing our position in Columbus, we focused on the I-75 corridor of Ohio between Toledo and Dayton. By the end of the decade, we had positioned ourselves in 2 geographical parts of the State.

In the year 2000, Dave and Jeff Newcomer purchased the company. Realizing a desire to expand, we moved aggressively to establish a larger market presence in the Cleveland/I-77 Corridor. Upon securing a foothold, we opened an office in Strongsville in 2004.

The 2000s decade also saw additions to our scope of services. NCS introduced excavation and decorative concrete. By incorporating these work types into our company, we were now able to offer a more complete package to our clients.

NCS has entered the newest decade strong and dynamic. Recent years have produced our highest revenues and largest work force. We are positioned to grow with the economy as it rebounds. We have built our reputation on quality, service, and value. These core values will guide us into the future and make NCS the choice for your site concrete needs.