Newcomer Concrete Safety Policy


“No job is considered successful unless it was accomplished safely.”

Safety is a high priority in all of Newcomer Concrete's endeavors and is an integral part of risk management. We understand our strength is our family of employees. Our goal is to protect this strength by providing and maintaining a safe environment for our employees as well as all of our subcontractors, other jobsite personnel, and the general public.

Newcomer Concrete continually evaluates our safety operations and strives to improve our organization as risks, demands, and expectations change. We have adopted a comprehensive safety program that all employees from ownership down are expected to adhere to. We maintain this level of safety consciousness by educating employees through OSHA Certified training, safety talks, payroll stuffers, and monthly company newsletters.

Our common sense philosophy effectively bridges Newcomer Concrete's safety standards with the reality of on-site project operations. This proactive approach is reducing overall construction costs due to our decreasing Workers Compensation and insurance rates. It is also improving project efficiency and productivity by allowing project schedules to be met more readily. Efficiency depends upon the uninterrupted completion of tasks. Accidents and injuries interrupt operations.

Because of our commitment to safety, we have been recognized by organizations such as The Building Exchange of Central Ohio, The Bureau of Workers Compensation, and local Safety Councils as a leader in the field for safe work practices.

Newcomer Principles


In order to maintain this level of safety consciousness, our employees are given constant reminders through training, safety talks, payroll stuffers and monthly company newsletters.


We feel safety is a #1 concern in all of our endeavors. This starts at ownership and is carried throughout the company to the new employee on his/her first day.
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Zero Tolerance

NCS has a zero tolerance to drug and alcohol use. To insure this, we are one of the first companies to participate in BWC's "Drug Free Workplace Program."